Downtown Urban Lab Event Calendar

The 2017-2019 Downtown BIZ Strategic Plan process will engage in dialogue with people who live, work, play, learn, and do business in Downtown Winnipeg to refine our strategy for the next three years. We’ll be popping up and popping in. We’ll be touring and surveying. The hub for the hubbub is the new Downtown Urban Lab, a pop-up space for community dialogue and various events which will run June through September in the former Warehouse One space, at the southeast corner of Portage and Carlton. Read on for the Downtown Urban Lab Event Calendar.



District Engagement Calendar

With the help of an engaged community, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ has gone from being promoters and advocates to instigators and innovators. Currently, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ is the friendly and hardworking host that improves the perception of downtown by providing a welcoming environment, keeping things clean and safe, and advocating for continuous and positive change. As Winnipeg’s oldest Business Improvement Zone (BIZ), the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ has helped make significant strides downtown over the last 27 years. But in this next Strategic Plan, they’ll ask themselves: how can the BIZ help downtown go from good to great? And does the role of the BIZ need to evolve and change to meet the needs of the larger community? Read on for a Calendar of District Engagement Sessions you can participate in.